House Groups

Covid Update (29/11/20)

As the pandemic continues our house groups are meeting together in the BRMC building fortnightly, following appropriate covid safety guidelines (click here for an idea of the guidance we will be following)

Fortnightly from on Wednesdays, 10:30pm at BRMC.

 Coming Dates: 9th and 16th December.

It would be helpful if anyone new thinking of coming would let Anita know (01243 826425) so that we have the right number of chairs ready in our circle.  Normally we finish with a cup of tea but, for now, could people please their own drink if needed.

The House Groups study passages from the Bible and their relevance to life today. One is led by Mrs Anita Hayward, and the other by Mrs Christine Taylor.

Anita’s House Group

We have an ecumenical group of 10 people and meet fortnightly in my flat, with short holiday breaks, for fellowship and Bible study.

Twice a year we have a shared lunch after our session. Most people usually come half an hour early so we can have coffee and a good chat before we start the serious work. We always use a study guide, very often one of Tom Wright’s, so if anyone misses a session they can study at home. It also helps to keep us on track. During the last year we studied Romans, with the help of Tom Wright, and we are now studying “Christian Beliefs” using material by Stephen Eyre.


Christine Taylor’s House Group.

Over the past year we have studied Isaiah, Psalms (not all), Revelations and the letter of James.  Each has given us help along our Christian path and insight into our individual needs.  We have used a small book on each to guide us in our studies.

We meet twice each moth, 7.15pm – 9pm, on Wednesdays usually, but sometimes change to suit individual needs. 

The group is small and we would welcome 2 – 3 more to join us.  We begin with a cup of coffee, then prayer, study and finish with a prayer.  We are able to share our joys, sorrows, doubts, helping each other.  Please join us if you can and grow your faith.

God bless you all.


PS:  Please note that there are 5 steps up into our home.

If you wish to have more information on any of the above, please feel free to use the “Contact Us” button on the front page.