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Ministers Message March 2020 – Lent

Ministers Message: Lent 2020

Published in the Church Gazette March 2020

Dear Friends,

What’s your favourite topping? For me, it’s lemon and sugar, my children love jam, my wife enjoys Nutella. What am I talking about? Pancakes of course.

As Pancake day arrives, for many the frying pans come out, the pancakes are tossed, and the ones that don’t get stuck on the ceiling are eaten.

For Christians, Shrove Tuesday is an important milestone, as it marks the last day before lent. Lent is the period of time where we remember Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness – which will take us to Holy Week when we remember Jesus’ trial, death and resurrection.

For many years Christians have marked lent in various ways. Some people give things up, as a reminder of Jesus fasting in the wilderness.

Some people take things up, perhaps reading a book of the Bible through lent. Either way, lent becomes a time of seeking to live differently.

It’s in this living differently that the true importance of lent comes clear, because as Christians doing something differently during lent is one way of us renewing our commitment to Jesus, of strengthening our faith, and challenging ourselves to live in ways that are more positive for ourselves, the world or others.

So whether you’re going to give something up or take something up, I pray through seeking to live differently this lent you might also experience Jesus differently, find your faith strengthened as live more positively for self, others and the world.

Every blessing as we journey through lent together,

Rev Dan


Ministers message: Church gazette March 2019

Ministers message: Church gazette March 2019

Dear Friends,

As March arrives, we enter into the period of the Christian year we call lent, beginning to journey with Jesus and his followers towards Jesus’ coming death and resurrection.

Through its history, lent has had a rich and varied array of meaning to individuals and to the church, including being a time of self-examination, strengthening of faith and deepening of discipleship.

Today, we often talk about giving something up for lent, but in recent years, I have found it much more rewarding to use lent as a time to take something up. So for 2019, I want to encourage you to think about how you might take something up during lent.

Perhaps you’d like to commit to reading scripture and spending time in prayer each day. One way you can do this is through our ‘journeying with Luke in lent’ booklet. With our friends at Felpham Methodist Church, I’ve been putting together a booklet which will encourage us in our daily reading of scripture and prayer, using passages from Luke’s gospel as we journey with Jesus and his followers through lent to Jesus’ triumphal entry, the cross and empty tomb. These will also be available at BRMC if you’re interested.

Another way would be to join a study group. There are a number of lent study groups that Churches Together in Bognor Regis and District are co-ordinating (there’s info about them at the back of church). These can be great opportunities for meeting with and learning from Christians from other churches.

Through lent we are also running ‘Rooting Faith’ a course which Rev Tony and I will be running, exploring key aspects of faith and Methodism, and also explore what it means to be a ‘member’ of the Methodist Church. Whether you’ve been a Methodist all your life, or only recently, do come along and discover more with us. If you’re interested in exploring membership, this is just right for you, do come along on Tuesday afternoons, and/or have a conversation with me. If you’re interested, but daytime isn’t good for you, please let me know, as we may run the course again in evenings if there is demand.

There’s lots more ways you can engage with lent this year. As ever, do feel free to get in touch if you’d like some help in thinking about how you can deepen your discipleship and strengthen your faith.

In Christ, Rev Dan