Well-come Point

Well-Come Point logo - welcome and a blue heart.

Well-Come Point is our weekly community drop in, which offers a safe, welcoming space for all.

In December 2022, we became a Warm Spaces location, and has extended our hours. You can drop in any time from 10am – 2pm every Friday. You will find a warm welcome, and a safe space where you can rest, talk and find friendship.

More details are also available from our lay worker, Debbie Dean on 01243 870807.

Well-Come Warm Spaces poster with the extended opening times 10am to 2pm, every Friday.

What we offer…

  • A space that is warm – physically and emotionally.
  • Refreshments
    • hot drink and a biscuit
    • hot soup + roll/bread
    • toast
  • Space for people to talk, & space for people to be silent
  • Activities to engage in, including
    • Jigsaw Puzzle
    • Table Tennis
    • Board Games / Playing Cards
  • Space to Charge Phones

What does it cost?

This is all offered free. But we know sometimes, people feel more dignified if they can give something, so if people want to make a donation, this opportunity will be available.

Our Well-Come Point giving policy is:

Receive what you need.
Give as you can.
And always know you are loved.

If you have nothing to give – know you are loved.
If you can donate – know you are loved.

Warm Spaces across the areas

In co-ordination with other local churches in Bognor Regis, there’s warm space open at some point every day. More details are in the poster below.

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