Our Vision

Bognor Regis Methodist Church: Vision Statement

Adopted by the Church Council, 19/6/19

After a process of conversation with one another, listening to God and discerning together, we’re excited to share who are as a church through our new Vision Statement.

Click the links for more on each aspect of our vision statement!

Journeying with God

Acknowledging God’s love for us, we respond to God in the way we live as individuals and community through celebrating faith, forming community and deepening discipleship.

Forming Community

Offering a variety of spaces which are welcoming and inclusive for people from all walks of life. Being a place of safety and security to all, where pastoral care is available and all are valued. A growing community where all can participate, find belonging, and friendships can be nurtured.

Celebrating Faith

As individuals in our day to day lives, and in gathering together for worship, study and prayer, we celebrate our diversity and faith with praise and thanksgiving.

Deepening Discipleship

Discovering more about God, life and faith in ongoing learning through fellowship, study and prayer, and allowing our faith to make a difference to the world in the way we live.

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