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Ministers Message March 2020 – Lent

Ministers Message: Lent 2020

Published in the Church Gazette March 2020

Dear Friends,

What’s your favourite topping? For me, it’s lemon and sugar, my children love jam, my wife enjoys Nutella. What am I talking about? Pancakes of course.

As Pancake day arrives, for many the frying pans come out, the pancakes are tossed, and the ones that don’t get stuck on the ceiling are eaten.

For Christians, Shrove Tuesday is an important milestone, as it marks the last day before lent. Lent is the period of time where we remember Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness – which will take us to Holy Week when we remember Jesus’ trial, death and resurrection.

For many years Christians have marked lent in various ways. Some people give things up, as a reminder of Jesus fasting in the wilderness.

Some people take things up, perhaps reading a book of the Bible through lent. Either way, lent becomes a time of seeking to live differently.

It’s in this living differently that the true importance of lent comes clear, because as Christians doing something differently during lent is one way of us renewing our commitment to Jesus, of strengthening our faith, and challenging ourselves to live in ways that are more positive for ourselves, the world or others.

So whether you’re going to give something up or take something up, I pray through seeking to live differently this lent you might also experience Jesus differently, find your faith strengthened as live more positively for self, others and the world.

Every blessing as we journey through lent together,

Rev Dan


Exploring Prayer

October 10th
Lectio Divina – Learning to chew on the word of God.

This will be done in a group format, with an increasing level of input in each ‘round’ of reading. Information will also be given about praying alone with lectio.

October 24th
God the Creator – Finding God in all things.
This will consist of imaginative prayer exercises led from the front that enable people to recognise God and prayer in the mundane activities of daily life both outdoors and indoors. Option of sharing at the end.

November 7th
Pain and suffering – Praying with Psalms.
The Psalms contain all human emotions. We will look at some psalms in the context of human pain and suffering, and then do an exercise in writing our own psalm.

November 21st 
The Gift – responding to the gift of life and faith
Fantasy prayer that brings a new dimension to conversing with God, recognising the gift of life and faith, and our response to it. This is a led imaginative exercise, and will end with creative drawing.

December 5th
Ignatian imaginative contemplation – Getting inside the Gospels.
Background will be given to enable people to get themselves inside a Gospel scene during a led contemplation. Time for sharing experiences in prayer at the end of the session.